28 Jun

At our place, we have an outdoor lounge area that includes nice bowers, playground for kids and mini-zoo. “The Bosket” has got everything needed for those who like civilized outdoor rest. We even took care that you wouldn’t be bothered by mosquitoes. Special human-safe equipment will protect you and your kids from their bites.

Here you may also taste meals prepared on the spit, and you will definitely be impressed by their flavor and price. Our chef will suggest you not only traditional shashlik, but also delicious meat meals prepared according to recipes of ancient Balkan cooks – pljeskavica, chicken roll in bacon, Serbian sausages, chorba and many other.

“The Bosket” has also got modern children playground and sports ground. You may play basketball, ping-pong or badminton without being afraid to get bruises or cuts – the floor for sport games has got special safe cover.